GWM ORA and WEY model range GWM ORA and WEY model range

EPC-TIS system

The electronic parts catalog and technical information system (EPC-TIS)

The electronic parts catalog and the technical information system is the digital library where you can find all parts and technical information related to GWM models. This allows independent/non-authorized workshops and individuals to efficiently repair and service our vehicles.





Duration of service plan

General Repair and Maintenance Information

Diagnostic Tool Engineering*

Programming and Diagnostic Environment*

1 Account/Year

€ 480

€ 6800

€ 2400

1 Account/Month

€ 60


€ 300

1 Account/Week

€ 30


€ 100

*Diagnostic tool is required.





Parts code

Parts name


Price (1 suit)


Diagnostic tool without computer

This equipment (VCI and diagnostic software are involved) needs to be used with a laptop computer.

€ 1999.99



Instructions to get access to the EPC-TIS system

Please carefully read our Imprint and Privacy Policy. Requesting access means you agree and accept our Imprint and Privacy Policy.

•Download the access form.


•Fill in the form and send it to Please mention the service plan duration in the form.


•Pay for the requested plan and secure user access via email.


•For any queries related to technical information, please write us at